Bringing new technology to bottles allowing the convenience of ‘ready to drink’ but with nutrients atmosphere protected

In 2009, Launch had an idea …. that everyone who is serious about their health would one day have a portion controlled bottle made by LAUNCH DRINKS.  This product idea started with protein for the fitness industry and grew into a much larger concept with syrups such as cordials, isotonic and even alcohol being mixed between the compartments.

Great tasting, high-quality protein-based sports drinks and high quality isotonic sports drinks through a unique, single use, fully-contained bottle which allows athletes and general consumers to freshly mix their sports nutrition immediately prior to consumption.

This product has huge potential to be marketed in many other directions with other products and bottle designs being devised currently.


Why Our Product?

Here’s some benefits to read while we count down to LAUNCH!

  • Convenient

    Small handy unit, easy to carry (no pre-measuring required) consume soon after exercise with an easy to use twist mechanism.

  • Flexible

    Single use serves provides customers with flavour variety – One flavour per bottle – No need to buy huge tubs of the same flavour.

  • Fresh

    Airtight lid design keeps ingredients at optimum taste and nutritional value. Other products allow nutrient disintegration.

  • Stylish

    An truly Iconic and intelligent product design, its sure not to be forgotten

  • Quality

    Excellent pure quality high protein content, locally sourced, reputable – Health benefit, athletic testing safe.


Just The Beginning…

Launch Drinks proprietary bottle can have applications in many industries…



Alcoholic Beverages

Fruit Drinks and Baby Formula


If you would like to know more, simply get in touch to request a detailed business plan.

This Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

We look forward to hearing from you.